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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Car Talk

Everything changes, right? 

I posted a shot of this car a few weeks ago.  Every time I go by it, I take a couple of shots. 

The details are sweet.  Coming

or going.

"Carachita"... means, jalopy or maybe hot rod, probably from some song I don't know.

"Cuando me muera, segurito me voy al cielo, porque ya estuve en el infierno" 

Rough translation - "When I die, follow me to Heaven, because I've already been in Hell."
Well, lo and behold, today it looked like this.

Getting it ready for the next look, this one, according to one of the artists, based on indigenous symbols and images. 

I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

wow. do they use car paint to decorate it? or some other kind of paint that is easy to cover with a white base coat like that?

it was really pretty in that variation, can't wait for the next incarnation.

thank you for posting!

Lani said...

Are you sure it is the same car? I notice different license plates and I can't imagine why they would spoil/waste all their artwork by painting over it. . .

"segurito" - for sure, definitely
(follow me = command = sígueme or sígame)

Roberto Carlos had a famous song called "La Carcachita" but the lyrics don't include the sequence of words written on the car.

Christopher Stowens said...

I am pretty sure it is the same car. After all, how many 1952's are still around. Plus, I could see the red paint under the white overcoat. I think to do it right, one would need to strip everything down to bare metal and go from there. This seems like more of an artistic endeavor than a restoration.

Christopher Stowens said...

Gracias Lani,
I am sure that is the song that was on one side of the car. The other phrase was separate and with your translating help makes much more sense. "When I die, I am definitely going to Heaven, 'cause I've already been to Hell."