The here and now... and what and why

Complacency is a trap. At least that’s what I was thinking when I up and left the comfort of a Yankee prep school gig, where I taught music, amongst other things, for 28 years. There was also that life long career as a composer, musician and artist.

First, it was a year in St. Thomas, USVI, working as a reporter and shooting photography and then, a year in San Agustin Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Time passed.
More time passed and a year back in the Athens of America followed by a hasty return to Oaxaca where it is all happening.
A couple of years in San Sebastian Etla and now, just down the road in San Pablo Etla. Life is good.

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Santo Domingo
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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Spring Break! - How I spent it...

No day at the beach, but many trips to one of the best libraries around.  Newton, MA does many thing well.  Schools, roads, trash and snow removal and many of the city government's responsibilities are performed just the way one would like.  And the Newton Public Library is simply a treasure.  I always say, "There are hundreds of parking places and they are always filled. 
How a library is supported says a lot about a community and this place speaks volumes.... (ouch)
The library has a huge collection, including sections for children, tweens, young adults, books in Chinese, Russian, etc.  A huge selection of books, audiobooks, DVD's, CD's, and everything else.  And all delivered using the latest technology. 
Checking out things is done by merely by placing them on a device and returning them is even easier. Things are automatically scanned and sorted into bins. 
I, along with lots of kids, love watching the operation. 
Hmmm... I also shot a little pool.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

"The prices are INSANE!...."

Remember Crazy Eddie's TV ads?  OK, maybe not, however, look at the price of this fruit combination.  $17.99!  Insane, amirite?  I'm used to getting my fresh fruit, all nicely chopped up and packaged, from a fruit stand just down the road from me.
Normally, a big container is 10 pesos, about $.50 US.  Sometimes, I have to pay 15 pesos for three or four mangoes, again all prepared and boxed.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

What a difference a week makes...

Last Wednesday, I was in nearby Etla just doing my weekly food shopping, everything seemed normal. 
This week it's a totally different scene as I am in El Norte shopping in nearby Waltham and well, it's a whole new normal.
Well, they do have some things Oaxacans take for granted,  like aloe vera leaves.
And it looks like a lot of the produce comes from you know where....
And wait until I show you some of the prices tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Carnaval in San Martin Tilcajete

Wow!  It's always so much fun to celebrate carnaval in the wood carving village of San Martin Tilcajete.  And each year, more and more people show up.  There are other villages, each with their own version of carnaval, but San Martin seems to be one of the most popular in the Valles Centrales. 
The village is famous for it's alebrijes, wood carvings, and some of the masks were simply gorgeous.
There are lots of fantastic looks and one involves covering one's body with the blackest of motor oils.
At the opposite end of the spectrum was this beautiful girl who was one of the brides maids for the boda or wedding that is the highlight of the day.
Yes, both bride and groom are men.
As in many things Oaxacan, they start participating in these traditions at an early age.
I loved this mask even though the wearer said he hadn't had time to finish it.  I told him it looked better pure black.
So many amazing faces, a photographer's dream.
Be sure to check out the B&W version over at Casita Colibri.  And here's a double selfie.
I consider myself blessed.

Monday, March 4, 2019

This is how it's done...

I'm always impressed, make that, amazed, at the work ethic here.  Often, it is hard physical work like these men working on the Aripo building. A bucket brigade of gravel.  Aripo is/was filled with some of the best regional folk art.  Each room was something different, ceramics, embroidery, carvings, tin, etc.
I watched them for a while and imagined how heavy those buckets must be.  Looked back-breaking to me, but these guys were having fun and getting it done.  Lots of smiles and jokes while they worked quite quickly.
Probably needed to clear the street as soon as possible.  Their work has been going on for months and the place was pretty impressive before, so it will be interesting to see it when it reopens.... and if it is still going to be Aripo.  Ojala!

Friday, March 1, 2019

It's ideal....

As I get ready to head to El Norte with temps in the teens, I'm putting this here as a reminder.  Humidity on top temp on the bottom.  It's ideal.