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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Then is love...

And then there is the love that one needs to express by telling it to the world via a huge billboard on the Pan-American Highway in San Francisco Tutla on the way to Tlacolula.
As far as I can discern the fine print at the bottom says: "The best kind of love is that awakens the soul and the heart and brings peace to the mind. That is what you have given me, and which I hope to give you always."


Nightreading said...

....and this is all about loving GOD. Am I right?

If so, here is what I do not understand.

It should be so intimate, just between him and a human soul.

Why there is a need to put it on such a display?

May be just because there is no real connection and intimacy with the person/power etc. upstairs/in the sky/heaven/garden of Eden etc. and that one and only soul we all have?

There is something really eerie to me in such a display of love to GOD or any kind of love.

May be I am totally wrong, but that's how I view this subject matter....

Christopher Stowens said...

Hmmmm... I don't see that is about God or god or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but maybe it is. I assumed it was just human to human. Make that, one rich human to another.

Nightreading said...

It did look like a religious sign to me (for some unknown reason).

Talking about one rich human to another...hope they are rich in their family history, culture, reading tonns of books, listening to all kind of different music, singing songs to each other (something like "Lulliby" "The Girl Can Sing", "Patience" - my 3 faves) etc., etc.

Once again, I am most likely totally wrong. But that would be just my wild dream to have those kind of rich people spread all over the world.

Gypsy Goat Girl said...

y yo también te amo!