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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Keeping a promise

Well, the deed is done.  I voted.

And in doing so, I keep on keepin' on a promise I made to my mother many, many years ago. "You'll always vote, Chris... promise me."

My mother died young and I never really knew what was going on in her head, even though I spent the last year of her life taking care of her, talking and listening.  She still had a fire in her.  She had snapped at some point when I was about eleven, and went back to college, got a degree, went to law school, passed the bar, and sadly, died shortly thereafter.... although really, the whole thing is a blur for me.  I mean, it was the 60's.  Anyhow, she was quite political, League of Women Voters and all that and yes, on her death bed, she made me promise to always vote.  And today I kept that promise and I had such a good time doing so.

It's a beautiful fall day, sun shining, leaves still colorful. I'm literally boppin' down the street to my polling station, listening to music I just was listening to walking the streets of Oaxaca.  Kick ass stuff to be sure... Gaga (Perfect Illusion), John Newman (Ole) Clean Bandit (Come Over)  Dua Lipa (Be the One).... how can you not be dancing in the streets?

I flew 3000 miles to have this adventure and I planned it months ago.  It turned out even better than I expected.  I am so happy, channeling my mother, to have had the chance to vote in elections for the first African American and the first woman for president. 

So there, Mom, promise kept .... oh, and I voted to legalize weed, too.  I know, I know, you're shocked.


Anonymous said...

Is there room in your Mexican neighborhood for new neighbors?
Steve y Bev

Christopher Stowens said...

Yes, lots of room.... but we ain't paying for no stinkin' wall!

Julie Schubert said...

Mexico might want to build a wall to keep US out!
I'm sure your mama is smiling..... it's not about who wins or loses the election, these people are only here for the short term, it's apathy that is the destroying factor. And you weren't.

Christopher Stowens said...

Remember here, the term is expats and in the US, immigrants with various adjectives.
Anyhoo... my mama ain't smilin', she's pissed.... royally.