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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Who's running things?

After yesterday's looting and closing of gasoline stations by Seccion XII (teachers!!!!) this guy did not text the governor and ask who is the bigger clown.


Anonymous said...

What could the governor do to change the situation?
Look what happened in 2006 when URO tried to get tough with seccion 22.
These guys (the mafia running the union, NOT the teachers) are extortionists and will never be satisfied.

Christopher Stowens said...

You may be, make that, probably are right, but... perception is everything, especially in the social media and neither Cue or the teachers are basking in any glory. Nothing but ridicule for him and animus toward the teachers according to FB, which is only one indicator.

The guys really running the show are hidden for the most part so the most visible targets take the heat. And really, the fotos of the looting and vandalism of the gas stations was crazy. There are lots of pictures of the perps out there so maybe they will be identified for who they are and which group with which they are connected.

So what's the answer? The status quo?

Anonymous said...

That was horrible that the teachers--teachers!-- hijacked the gas stations and stole gas. Identification of the perps will come to nothing. The best thing would be if the businesses in the center could shut down as long as the teachers are occupying. The teachers chose the center because they can do major disruption. If businesses are closed, nobody will come and the teachers won't have any audience.