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Complacency is a trap. At least that’s what I was thinking when I up and left the comfort of a Yankee prep school gig, where I taught music, amongst other things, for 28 years. There was also that life long career as a composer, musician and artist.

First, it was a year in St. Thomas, USVI, working as a reporter and shooting photography and then, a year in San Agustin Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Time passed.
More time passed and a year back in the Athens of America followed by a hasty return to Oaxaca where it is all happening.
A couple of years in San Sebastian Etla and now, just down the road in San Pablo Etla. Life is good.

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Santo Domingo
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

What a difference a border makes

Ponder this.  Here, we are into the fourth week of a massive sit-in and protest and what do the police do?  Direct traffic.  This sign on one of the teachers' tent.
And in Ferguson, Missouri, USA,
Both places are escalating.  There is a march this Sunday of the general population to protest the protest.  I expect it to be big and peaceful and maybe, and I mean, maybe, the police will be there.
There will certainly not be any of this. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
If one connects the many dots over the last 15 years, certain things become obvious.  9/11 led to many things, like the militarization of police forces.  Then war, paranoia, xenophobia, extreme partisanship and downright hatred 24/7/365, all gasoline thrown on the fire, have logically begot all of this.  Shameful, scary and sad.

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