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Friday, May 18, 2012

Ahhhhhh.... lluvia (rain)

Water coming down from the sky is such a blessing here.  Oaxaca goes through a long dry season each year and how/when it ends is always on peoples' minds.  After all, this is an agrarian part of the country and rain means the growing season kicks in. 

This year has been a little different in that we had some nice early rains five or six weeks ago when everything began to green up and then it turned very hot, hazy and dry.  The plants withered and went back into waiting mode, as did the rest of us.

For the past couple of weeks, it has rained at times, but often very localized.  It poured in the city a few days ago, but not a drop here.  I could see it, but it never made it here.  That's how it is lots of times.

Yesterday evening there was a wonderful rain that lasted for a few hours.  Here, it was a light steady rain, but in the city I heard it came on like gangbusters with some initial heavy downpours.

Maybe it was the rain that really wakes up the land.  There is always one that does and everything and everyone sighs with relief..... until it goes monsoon on us.

It is cool and moist this morning.  Checking the weather map, it looks like there may be more coming this evening.

Still rainin', still dreamin'.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you amigo for letting us know about the rain in my Oaxaca.