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Friday, January 9, 2015

I don't get it

Fortunately, I'm an idiot, so it is not unexpected that I can't figure things out.  First, there is this story from the LAHT
Well over half – 59.7 percent – of the 16,283 applicants for more than 5,000 open teaching positions in Mexico’s public schools received failing scores in the second round of competitive examinations, the government said Thursday.

Only 6,564 people qualified as “suitable,” the National Registry of the Professional Teaching Service said.

Among the suitable applicants, a mere 280 earned the highest qualification, defined as a sufficient command of the necessary knowledge and skills and the ability to apply them in a range of different situations.

Around 60 percent of the 79,000 people who took part in the first round of competitive exams, held last August, also fell short.

Applicants who pass the exam must survive two additional evaluations to enter the National System of Teachers, where new instructors undergo a three-year probationary period before being confirmed in a teaching post.
Then there is this to look forward to (from Noticias)
Después de casi 7 meses de que los maestros de la Sección 22 del Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (SNTE) instalaron su plantón en el zócalo, mañana hacen un relevo con la llegada de los profesores de la región de Valles Centrales quienes extenderán el campamento que crecerá al menos cuatro calles en el Centro Histórico.
After almost 7 months that teachers of section 22 of the National Union of education workers (SNTE) installed its sit-in in the zocalo, they make tomorrow a medley with the arrival of the professors of the central valleys region who extend the camp which will grow at least four streets in the historic centre.
And then there is this (Noticias)
El Instituto Estatal de Educación Pública de Oaxaca (IEEPO) informó que entre este jueves y viernes, más de 81 mil empleados de la Sección 22 del Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (SNTE) recibirán el pago correspondiente a la segunda parte del aguinaldo.
El IEEPO precisó que la cifra que contempla el magisterio es la misma que asume el gobierno estatal y federal, por lo que descartó que haya docentes o empleados administrativos que no reciban la bonificación anual.
El monto equivale a 45 días de salario, respetando la forma de dispersión de los recursos; el 70 por ciento de los empleados recibirán cheques que podrán cobrar en sucursales Bancomer, mientras que el 30 por ciento restante, podrá hacerlo a través del sistema de nómina electrónica recibirá en su cuenta el depósito de su salario.
The State Institute of public education in Oaxaca (IEEPA) reported that between this Thursday and Friday, more than 81 thousand employees of section 22 of the National Union of education workers (SNTE) will receive the payment for the second part of the bonus.

The IEEPA pointed out that the figure that contemplates the Magisterium is the same the State and federal Government therefore ruled out that teachers or employees administrators who do not receive the annual bonus there are.

The amount is equivalent to 45 days of salary, while maintaining the shape of dispersion of resources; 70 per cent of the employees will receive checks that may collect in Bancomer branches, while the remaining 30 per cent, can do so through the payroll system Electronics will receive a deposit to your paycheck.
So over half failed to meet competency standards and only 280 attained the highest qualification.  And the planton, sit in, sleep-in, protest continue about these reforms and it appears like the strikers will received a preordained bonus.  What am I missing here?  And yes, I know that reforming education is a real problem, both in Mexico and El Norte, but something has to happen.  An educated workforce is the key to progress and prosperity and it ain't happening in either place nationally.

It was nice while it lasted.  The ambulantes or street vendors will be back shortly.  How sad the whole affair is.


Anonymous said...

Nice selection of references for the crazy situation here. What you are missing is that corruption rules. Don't look for logic. Corruption is big business here and is the root of all Mexico's problems. This will end up in favor of the teachers and business as usual. Joan

Christopher Stowens said...

Ah yes, the corruption.... I guess it is just a part of human nature, seeing as though I have seen it every place I've ever lived and in every sphere, academic and musical, in which I've worked.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is missing that corruption rules. It is a given here.
However now that the feds are issuing the checks it may no longer be business as usual for the CNTE.