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Monday, November 23, 2009

Just curious

La curiosidad mató al gato - Curiosity killed the cat.

Now that Lonely Planet has put Oaxaca back on it's top ten list, I am just curious how people elsewhere view Mexico. So many times, we are the victims of the press or of stereotypes and it is hard to cut through all the inaccuracies.

So how is it with you and Mexico?

As I have said before, watching the US from the outside is unnerving. Unemployment, the sagging dollar, the polarized political scene, the gross ineptitude of those running the institutions - maybe it isn't ineptitude, but merely unfettered greed and to top it off, the terrible job that the media is doing in covering all of the above... well, it don't look good, but maybe that is just me. Am I in a bubble here? I follow lots of blogs and news sources, but maybe I am in an echo chamber, just hearing the same stuff over and over again.

So what is the word on Mexico that makes it into your bubble?

For those of us here, it is quiet and we are wondering when people are going to come and visit. Sure, there are problems, but where aren't there problems? Oaxaca continues to offer so much, culture, art, history, crafts, eco-tourism, food, beaches, mountains, its a long list.

What are you hearing about Mexico?


Anonymous said...

People who haven't been to Mexico recently, when I mention that I'll be going, usually ask, "Isn't it dangerous?" To which I answer no, unless one is somehow involved with the drug trade (dealer, grower, aprehender, reporter). Regarding what's happening in the U.S., difficult economic times, as you've read, and perhaps experienced the effects of. However, many people are involved in developing local economies, pushing back against Corporate America, and that's very positive and hopeful.


Anonymous said...

Not hearing much at all, apart from the usual grumblings about how the nation would improve if all illegal immigrants left.

-GDA '89

Peter (the other) said...

Well, the local dog trainer puts it like this: