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Monday, June 15, 2009

Explosion in the city

from e-consulta:

"Un muerto y 20 heridos, de los cuales dos se encuentran "graves", es el reporte oficial de la explosión, la mañana de este domingo, de la vagoneta Pointer blanca, placas RU-61-322 del estado, cargada con cohetones para la megamarcha de aniversario de la APPO-Magisterio.

Según versiones de testigos, los ocupantes de la vagoneta intentaron prender un cohetón, pero éste se trabó y cayó sobre la batea de la unidad de motor, prendiendo con sus chispas todo el material pirotécnico que ahí se encontraba."

(Help me with the translation if I have it wrong)
One dead and 20 wounded, two of which are in grave condition from an explosion Sunday morning. It took place near the starting point of a march by APPO and the teachers.

According to witnesses, a truck delivering cohetón (fireworks?) had one fall and it, in turn, ignited all the fireworks.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice translation. But if you were translating from Oaxaca, I am sure it would have then been most excellent.

The last part says:
According to witnesses the occupants of the vehicle tried to set of a large sky rocket firecracker but it fell in the bed of the truck. This set off the rest of the fireworks that were stored there.

Christopher Stowens said...

Thanks for the translation help. And yes, it would be better to witness these things en vivo or at least to be able to scope out the scene. I am not sure I would have wanted to see this one too "up close and personal."