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First, it was a year in St. Thomas, USVI, working as a reporter and shooting photography and then, a year in San Agustin Etla, Oaxaca, Mexico.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I bet there are more postings today than, perhaps, ever, as Bush exits stage right and Obama takes center stage. I have tried not to be too political on this blog, mainly because it does no good. However, living outside the country for a time while George was running the show certainly sent off alarm bells as to the state of the nation.

"Trouble. We surely got trouble. Right here in River City," but you already knew that.

Well, all politics is local and personal, so here's my take on things.

With all my neurotic planning, the kitchen project has followed its natural course with problems arising with every turn of the screw. Lots of delays topped off by yesterday's fiasco of discovering that the new refrigerator is an inch too tall because of the new floor and the fact that they jacked up the joists when they re-enforced everything. OK, it can be exchanged. Just one more problem to deal with or one more straw so to speak.

So this project and its slow progress are driving me even crazier than normal. Of course, no kitchen, illness, frigid temps and tons of snow just add to the mix.

Last year I was shoveling ten tons of abono, cow manure, this year its snow. Y basta! Enough already with the shoveling.

So how does this relate to Bush? Well, think about this. About twenty years ago, when this house went through a complete rehab, I used a guy to coordinate all the work being done by a crew of eight Mexicans. This guy was an obvious charlatan, but hey, he was there, so we used him.

Now, no matter where I turn, I come across something he did wrong or screwed up and I have to choose between ripping it out and redoing it or living with it. Structural, plumbing, electrical, if he touched it, it was done wrong. Obviously, there are certain things that simply require too much work to fix, given the nature of old houses. But the amount of work that that one guy added to the current project??

Ay! my thoughts about what I'd like to do to the guy are right out of the cartoons... or "Reservoir Dogs."

So there you have it. Bush is like that contractor. He screwed up everything he touched. It will be many years before we discover all the things he did to the house, the Nation.

Its OK. We need it. The country, just like my kitchen will end up better.

Still, what a wanker... both of them.

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